At our core we are dairy farmers.  Milk-loving, family-oriented, hard-working dairy farmers.  Each day, three times a day, 365 days each year we milk about 2,800 cows, feed 2,400 heifers and care for 500 dry cows at our dairy operations here in West Michigan.  Collectively our two facilities bring 70 million pounds of milk to family tables across the United States.  It takes cropping operations covering roughly 1,500 acres to support “the staff” and 50 local employees to manage these operations.

We are about being progressive, innovative, and cutting-edge.  As a business Brook View Farms is a forward thinking enterprise keenly aware of the delicate balance between our neighbors and our daily agricultural practices.  We strive to adopt the latest technology and animal caretaking methods which enable us to treat our herds humanely — all while delivering to market fresh, great tasting wholesome milk products!  Quickly.  Safely.  Economically.